Back to El Salvador: Visual Health Campaign


Back in January, I joined the Friends of ASAPROSAR Visual Health Campaign down in El Salvador once again. It was my second year and it was another wonderful experience! I caught an early morning flight from JFK Airport to San Salvador, then it was a bus ride to Santa Ana where we had dinner at the eye clinic.

The campaign runs for six days and it was so nice to see new faces and reunite with familiar ones. A big thank you to the awesome women who prepare and serve all the tasty meals each day.

I was lucky to be with a wonderful team in the room dedicated to extracapsular cataract extractions. I actually had a chance to circulate and it was a great experience!

We work hard and we play hard. It was nice to see our Salvadoran friends and have some time to catch up and hang out.

We went to Lover’s Steak House for dinner one night. They may be a steakhouse, but it’s the seafood dishes that really shine.

The surgery days flew by. Before we knew it, it was already the last couple days of the campaign. Awesome job, guys!


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