The Tasting Menu at Vicia


For my first night in St. Louis, I made a reservation at Vicia – a vegetable-forward restaurant serving seasonal cuisine that highlights local produce and sustainably-raised meats.


I was seated at a small table near the bustling open kitchen. Perfect!

Vicia Kitchen

My server, Kayla, was super nice and went over the menu options. I decided to try the Chef’s Tasting Menu which consists of 5 courses for $85. It features seasonal ingredients, vegetable-forward dishes, and a few off menu items. I also went with the beverage pairing for an additional $40.

The first course was a wonderful array of delicious small plates like turnip shell tacos, a juice pulp falafel, oyster on a half shell, a crispy chicken fried carrot, soppressata, potato pizza, vegetable tops pesto, and bread with fresh butter, carrot tartare, and confit garlic.

Up next was another wine and a mixed grain risotto with prosciutto, egg yolk, and cheese foam.

For the third course, I was brought out to the outdoor dining space with a large wood-burning oven. Standing at the wooden table surrounding the warm fire, I was poured a glass of red wine and the dishes of coleslaw, beef rib, and beef heart was soon accompanied by freshly grilled flatbread. The beef heart was nice and tender, the rib was tasty but a bit tougher than expected.

Once I was finished with the grilled course, I headed back to my table for the fourth course. A red wine from Slovenia was followed by a warm hearty beet and creamed spinach. I’m not a huge fan of beets, but this particular dish was meant to mimic a steak and it was quite enjoyable.

The tasting menu had a good amount of food and I was getting full, but dessert was up next. A dessert wine from Australia was paired with a tasty ice cream and meringue concoction served in a goose egg.

Dinner at Vicia was really good and I loved the creative utilization of vegetables. I enjoyed the modern chic ambiance and service was excellent.


After dinner, I decided to have a few cocktails at Blood & Sand. The bartenders behind the nice elegant bar turn out some incredible craft cocktails.

I ended up hanging out with a few awesome locals I met at the bar. We continued to drink at a couple other places and apparently I had to have a Stag beer. Cheers, St Louis!

St. Louis

St. Louis

It turned out to be a much later night than expected, but it was lots of fun. Thanks guys! I eventually made it back to my hotel to get some sleep. I was determined to grab brunch and see the art museum the next day.

4260 Forest Park Avenue
Corner of Boyle and Duncan Ave
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 553-9239

Blood & Sand
1500 St Charles Street
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 241-7263

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