Off to Chicago: Sunda and Pequod’s Pizza

After a few days in St. Louis, it was time to head to Chicago for the second half of my hockey trip. It was my second time in The Windy City and it has easily become one of my favorite cities.


After a brief flight and changing my downtown hotel room a couple times, I walked to Sunda for cocktails and Asian fusion fare.

I had a yuzu and vodka cocktail at the bar then moved to a table where I ordered salmon and Hokkaido scallop nigiri, the Pork Adobo Fried Rice, and the Miso Bronzed Black Cod.

The black cod was pretty good, the sushi was great, and the adobo fried rice was delicious.

The following day, I attempted to get a little more sleep than previous nights…but it was game day! I went to a popular spot known for their unqiue deep dish pizza – Pequod’s.

I sat at the bar and ordered a beer and small pan pizza, half pepperoni and half plain.

What makes Pequod’s pies stand out from the others is their signature caramelized crust. You get a crispy burnt cheese ring around the entire pie and it is oh so good.

It was beginning to look like a nice day and the sun was starting to shine through the overcast. Before heading to the arena, I wanted to check out a couple local breweries first.

110 W Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 644-0500

Pequod’s Pizza
2207 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-1512

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