Dinner at the Original Din Tai Fung

After spending the majority of the afternoon checking out Taipei’s highlights with local guide, Cola, I invited her to have dinner with me at the original location of Din Tai Fung located on Xinyi Road in the Da’an Disctrict. The world-renowned Taiwanese restaurant is famous for their soup dumplings and noodles.

Cola mentioned that we arrived at a good time because there’s usually a bit of a wait. We were seated in one of the rooms upstairs right away.

Their most popular menu item is definitely their xiao long bao, also known as soup dumplings. They offer a few different kinds. We went with the crab roe and pork ones.

You’re given a small dish of fresh ginger and there’s soy sauce and vinegar at the table to add to it. No worries if you’ve never eaten soup dumplings before, there are instructions too!

Cola also suggested that we try the wood ear mushrooms. They’re served cold and had a nice firm texture to them. I really liked them. We also ordered another very popular dish, the pork chop fried rice. Yes and yes!

Soon after, our crab roe & pork xiao long bao arrived at the table. The signature dumplings are wrapped in a delicate dough skin and then pleated with a minimum of 18 folds before being steamed. It’s all done by hand and super impressive how fast they can crank these things out.

I was in my happy place and thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Din Tai Fung. It was actually my very first time dining at the famous restaurant, so why not try the original location! I’m glad Cola was able to join me!

As we were walking out, there was a long line of people waiting. We just missed the dinner rush!

Cola walked with me to the MTR and showed me the way before we parted ways. Thank you so much, Cola!

I loved the lights and energy of the city at night!



Oh, look! More capsule toys!

What a day! I had to be up somewhat early the following day to catch a bus for a trip to a few other areas of Taiwan.

Din Tai Fung Xinyi
No. 194號, Section 2, Xinyi Road
Da’an District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106
+886 2 2321 8928

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