We’re here! My friend and I arrived at San Francisco Airport, hopped into a cab, and headed downtown to our hotel, the Marriott Marquis. A nice hotel and location in the Financial District.i3k4yvx

After checking in and a quick refresh, I wanted to check out The View Lounge atop the hotel. It boasts a nice downtown view.df2This restaurant serves up small plates and pretty good cocktails. We sit at the bar and the friendly bartender hands us a cocktail menu. df4I decided to have the Raspartini. A martini with vodka and freshly muddled raspberries.df5After a couple arrival drinks, we headed right across the street to a sports bar* for a bite to eat. (*now a different restaurant).

We enjoyed the Korean BBQ quesadilla and vegetarian flatbread. It was fine, nothing special, just had to satisfy that post-flight hunger.df6After our quick casual dinner, we headed back to the hotel room. Another friend and I got ready and headed out to explore the Mission Disctrict, commonly called “The Mission”. This area has  lots of bars a nightclubs. df7Not exactly knowing where to go, we hit up a few random bars late into the night. Perhaps way too late into the night, knowing we had a wine tour the next morning!

Shiny Disco Balls!

df9When all the other bars are closing up, you can always count on this place to still be open. Where all those night owls who are nowhere near ready to call it a night “end up”.df8Hope we make that wine tour!

Wine Country Tour >>>

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