Wine Country Perfection

After about an hour of sleep, the alarm went off. Well, that was fast! It’s time for that wine tour we’ve been looking forward to. Getting out of bed was not easy and my friend looks like she is not waking up any time soon. After a super quick shower and a whole lot of convincing, we’re off to catch the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours Bus.

Union Square Pick Up
Tour Bus at Union Square

We’re at the Union Square pick up location for only a few minutes before the bus arrives and we begin the tour.

The Golden Gate Bridge is in the distance and it’s the first time I see it since arriving in San Francisco. We made a brief stop for some pictures.

Back on the bus and it’s time for some breakfast. Well not really, just a small snack and a nice glass of mimosa. It’s just what we needed. Cheers!

Our first stop is the family-owned Jacuzzi Winery in Sonoma. Yep, the same people that invented the Jacuzzi tub and spa. The vineyards are farmed naturally and sustainably. They do not use pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers or herbicides.

We tried a few wines in the tasting room. Mostly Italian varietal wines.

The Olive Press is located here as well. A highly awarded California olive oil producer where the founders were inspired by the olive pressing facilities of Italy and Southern France.

The second stop is the Viansa Winery. It’s situated on a hilltop at the entrance of Sonoma Valley.


White Tasting

We tried some delicious fudge spreads made with chocolate and different wines. These includeed merlot fudge and raspberry cabernet chocolate sauce.

Sauces and Spreads

We made a short stop at a local shop selling local cheese and homemade fudge. Yum!

Our third stop is the Michael Mondavi Family Estate in Napa Valley.

*Update – The Mondavi Family have sold this prpoerty and are searching for a new boutique winemakeing facitlity and tasting room in Napa Valley.

Mondavi TastingsWe stepped outside and enjoyed the view of the vineyard from the porch.

Our last and final stop on the tour was the Madonna Estate.

We tried some white wines including a really nice riesling. Bought it of course.

Then it was time for a nice lunch outside. Apparently our driver was also our chef for the day!

A turkey sandwich on artisnal bread, a fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil skewer, bow tie pasta salad, and falafel. All quite good and much needed after all that wine.

Some chocolate covered strawberries to end the meal.

Wine Tour Lunch

After lunch, the tour came to an end and we headed back to Union Square.

This tour was amazing and we really enjoyed touring beautiful wine country. It really was perfect. So glad we dragged our sleep deprived selves out of bed. We had lots of yummy souvenirs to take back home!

Napa Valley Wine Country Tours

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