Tokyo Express for Japanese Cravings

Another day in San Fran and it was the first day of seminars. I had a short break in the afternoon and was craving some Japanese food. I walked around the corner of the Marriott Marquis and came upon Tokyo Express. A casual quick-service restaurant chain serving sushi and Japanese comfort food.

I ordered a sushi roll and Tonkatsu lunch that came with rice, miso soup, and small salad with ginger dressing. The prices here were great.

Tokyo Express 1

I ordered the Double Punch Roll. It’s filled with spicy tuna and topped with salmon, scallions, tobiko, and a spicy mayo sauce. Good quality, good taste.

Tokyo Express 2
Double Punch Roll

You can’t beat the prices here and I really enjoyed my meal. I actually returned a couple days later for a quick lunch during another break between seminars.

This time I ordered the Lemon Basil Chicken. It was crispy and the sauce was sweet and slightly tart. I didn’t get much basil flavor, but it was still pretty good. Again, it came with rice, soup, and a salad.

Tokyo Express 3

Lemon Basil Chicken

I had to try another sushi roll, so I ordered the Dynamite Roll. It had eel, tuna, and asparagus inside, was lightly deep fried and topped with tobiko, scallions, and soy sauce. Pretty good, but a bit heavy.

Tokyo Express 4

Dynamite Roll

If you’re looking for a quick casual lunch and craving some sushi and Japanese food, you really can’t go wrong with Tokyo Express. Don’t expect amazing restaurant quality, but it offers some tasty food court type Japanese meals at reasonable prices.

Tokyo Express
814 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 222-9933

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