Oysters & Wine at Pier 39

There were a few sites I had to see while I was in San Fran. I made the short journey to find the Full House House.

The ‘Full House’ House

Afterwards, I continued to take a stroll to see the lovely Victorian and Edwardian houses along Steiner Street known as the Painted Ladies.

The Painted Ladies

I also couldn’t leave without seeing Lombard Street, the famous steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. The taxi driver was even nice enough to drive down it before I headed to the pier.

Lombard Street
Pier 39 Flags
Pier 39

It was tie for some lunch. Off to Pier 39! It’s located at Beach Street & The Embarcadero.

Pier 39 Stands

The pier may be touristy, but I really wanted to enjoy a seafood lunch by the water. It was sunny and I was in the mood for some oysters and wine. I saw Eagle Cafe on the second level of the pier and decided to try it.

Eagle Cafe Sign
Since 1928

I was the first one at the bar and the nice bartender asked what I would like. I ordered some oysters and a glass of white wine. Perfect. She began shucking the oysters right there.Eagle Cafe Bartender

Eagle Cafe Oysters

The oysters were fresh and slightly sweet. They were served with a lemon wedge and horseradish cocktail sauce.

Eagle Cafe Oysters 2

I also decided to try an oyster shooter. I’ve never had one before and it sounded interesting. A tall shotglass filled with a fresh oyster, vodka, cocktail sauce, and Tabasco. The bartender asked what kind of vodka I would like. I wasn’t sure. “Absolut Peppar?”, she asked. “Sure.” I replied. Big mistake!

Eagle Oyster

There was a nice couple sitting across the bar from me and the husband decided to try it as well. We raise our glasses, cheers, and down it goes. Ew! Gross! Way too much spice going on. I’m glad I finally tried an oyster shooter, but never again! I should have gone with regular vodka because the combination of the horseradish and the Tabasco with the spicy vodka was overbearing. I’m slightly traumatized and have never done another oyster shooter since. Maybe someday.

Pier 39
Beach Street & The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 705-5500

Eagle Cafe

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