Red Jack Saloon: A Boston Sports Bar

After oysters and wine, I wanted to catch the Stanley Cup Finals. I’m a huge hockey fan! I asked a worker at a hot dog stand if there were any sports bars nearby off the pier. She told me about the Red Jack Saloon located a few blocks from the pier on Bay Street.

Red Jack Saloon

I found it and by the looks of the team flags waving, it was definitely a Boston Sports Bar. Yikes! How appropriate since the final series was between the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks. This should be fun!

Rad Jack Saloon Bar

I still decided to check it out and watch the game. Upon entering, there are lots of Bruins fans eagerly waiting for the game to start. No surprise there. Many of them are actually from Massachusetts who ended up moving to San Francisco.

Red Jack Saloon Wall

I ordered a drink and the bartender asked for my ID. I showed her my license and it’s instantly known throughout the bar that I’m from Jersey. Uh oh!  After poking some fun at it, everybody here turns out to be super nice and very cool.

Red Jack Saloon 1

If you head to the bathroom towards the back, the area is modeled after The Green Monster. They don’t mess around. The Bruins ended up winning the game and everybody was extremely excited. Well, almost everybody.

Red Jack Saloon Bartender


I had such a great time here and received a great welcome that I came back for the next game. “Jersey’s back!” You guys are awesome. It may be a Boston Sports Bar, but they provide such friendly service and welcome all sports fans, even New York ones.

Red Jack Saloon
131 Bay Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 989-0700

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