Sushi Fix at Hana Zen

Before wandering San Fran more, I developed a craving for some sushi. Surprise, suprise. I used my phone to see what was nearby. Hana Zen came up and it wasn’t far from the hotel. Time for a sushi fix!

Hana Zen

*Update – This particular location on Cyril Magnin Street has closed and is now located at Pier 39.Hana Zen Bar

Hana Zen 1

I ordered Salmon Sashimi, a couple pieces of Eel Nigiri, and a special roll. I tried the Hana Zen Roll which had salmon tempura and scallions on the inside, topped with tuna and avocado.

Hana Zen Sushi 1

I also tried the Sunset Strip. It had tuna, albacore tuna, and fresh salmon wrapped with a cucumber topped with ponzu sauce and tobiko.

Hana Zen
Sunset Strip

I ended the meal with a handroll. Yes, I was pretty hungry. It was filled with toro, scallions, microgreens, and tobiko.

Hana Zen Handroll
Toro Handroll

I enjoyed my meal. The sushi was good and the service was friendly. No complaints. Hana Zen also serves yakitori, volcanic rock entrees, and other Japanese classics. It looks like they offer a sushi omakase starting at $65 as well. Not bad.

Hana Zen
PIER 39, M209
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 421-8822

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