Quincy Market Eats

Whether it’s your first time in Boston or not, Quincy Market is worth checking out. The historic market complex is located near Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. Constructed from 1824 to 1826, it was named in honor of Mayor Josiah Quincy, who organized its construction without any tax or debt.


The entire complex was designated a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. You’ll find various food stalls, fast food, restaurants, and shops in the area.


I didn’t have a particular food in mind, but you can’t leave without trying some seafood! The very well-known Boston Chowda Co. seemed like a good place to start.


Soups and Chowdas
Lobster Roll

I ordered a lobster roll and their award-winning clam chowda.

Classic Combo
Creamy Clam Chowder
Seafood Goodies
Ice Cream
Pizza Bagels


My friend tried some The Boston Seaffod Mac from the MMMac N’ Cheese stall. They also served soups and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mac N’ Cheese
The Boston Seafood Mac


There’s a two-story seating area located in the center. Grab a seat and enjoy!

Nom Nom Nom!

I also had to have some oysters. My friend never had them before and wasn’t fully convinced. Oh, what a perfect opportunity!

Raw Bar
Shucking Oysters

I ordered a glass of white wine, she ordered a beer, and a tray of a dozen fresh oysters appeared in front of us soon after.


My friend was a bit hesitant at first, but down it went. They were delicious! Slightly briny and sweet. She’s been hooked ever since!

Fresh Oysters

Quincy Market provided a great place to get out of the rain for a bit and everything we tried was great. With 14 restaurants and pubs in the area, and over 36 food vendors inside the hall, there’s something for everyone!

Quincy Market
4 S Market Street
Boston, MA 02109

Author: Desiree

Desired Tastes is a Food and Travel Blog written by Desiree, a food enthusiast from New Jersey who just wants to see the world and eat good food.

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