Samuel Adams Brewery

The following afternoon, we decided to check out the Samuel Adams Brewery. They offer free tours where you’ll learn about the history of the Samuel Adams brand, experience the brewing process, taste the special malts, smell the unique hops, and, of course, sample a few of their beers.


Tours are first come, first serve, so head there early to obtain a ticket. We had a couple hours before our tour started, so the good ol’ party trolley came by and dropped us off at a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat and a complimentary glass of Sam Adams.


After a bit, it was time to return to the brewery and begin the tour.

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We walked through the entire brewing process. The floor may be wet and slick in certain areas so be careful.


We learned about the special malts and had a chance to taste them. We also had a chance to smell the Hallertau hops used to brew the popular beer.

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Pass Those Hops!

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The tour was pretty interesting and lasted about an hour. Now the part we were all waiting for, the samples!

Tasting Room

A tasting room with communal tables was the final stop on the tour. We sampled 3 or 4 different beers. They did not mind refills either. There were a couple seasonal brews that were only available at the brewery.



The tour was good and the samples were tasty. The gift shop offers all kinds of Sam Adams goodies, but I ended up buying two 4-pack growlers of their current craft beer selection.


Samuel Adams Brewery
30 Germania Street
Boston, MA 02130
(617) 368-5080

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