So the Wells Fargo Arena is not surrounded by a bunch of bars and restaurants. It’s location off the highway created a pretty limited walkable area. No worries though, you can enjoy food, drinks and entertainment all in one nearby complex, Xfinity Live! It offers over a dozen dining and entertainment options inside the Wells Fargo Complex.

Pregame at Xfinity Live!

Venues include Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar and Grill, Victory Beer Hall, NBC Sports Arena and 1100 Social.

Joe Frazier

Near the main entrance, you’ll find the Broad Street Bullies Pub. This seemed like a welcoming place for a Devils fan to have a drink 😉

Drinks at Broad Street Bullies Pub

It was still fairly early and there were only a few people at the bar. I grabbed a seat and asked for a local beer recommendation. A few Flyers fans made a few harmless remarks at me and we all laughed. It was all good.

Bar Area
Local IPA


The bartenders were nice, but I only stayed for a couple beers. I wanted to see what else the complex had to offer. I had to take a pic of Lord Stanley on the way out.


There are cocktail bars, tables, and flat plan televisions all over the place.


You’ll find the Victory Beer Hall next to Geno’s Steaks. As much as I wanted a cheesesteak, I was already set on a particular one which would have to wait until after the game.



Near the other entrance was PBR Bar & Grill. The western themed bar honors professional bull riders and features music and a mechanical bull. You can find the popular country concept in Las Vegas, Houston, Baltimore, and Kansas City as well.

PBR Bar & Grill

After only a couple beers, it was time to check out another spot. No mechanical bull riding today.



We tried one of the many bars in the main concourse. Now it was fairly crowded, but still fairly easy to order a drink with so many options around.


We finished the IPAs and it was time to head to the area. I bundled up and prepared for the short walk. Let’s go!


1100 Pattison Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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