If you’re looking for a good reasonably priced lunch, you’ll find many options in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. The area may be well-known for it’s bars and nightlife, but it also has culturally diverse food offerings. I headed to Donburi for some Japanese comfort food of various rice bowls served in a small counter-only space.


There were only a couple people waiting so I stood in line and waited to give my order. You give your order and pay before being seated at the counter. A seat near the door became available as soon as I paid.

Counter Seating Only

Pitchers of free water and tea are made available. Grab your cups, napkins, and chopsticks and wait for your food. Everything is made to order. It only took around 5 minutes for my Katsudon to arrive. It was a panko breaded pork tenderloin served over rice with donburi sauce, a half cook egg, and pickled veggies and jalapeno.


The breading was crispy and the pork was tender. The sauce was lightly sweet. I mixed the half cooked egg, rice, and sauce with every bite of the pork tenderloin. The egg is fairly runny and I don’t mean just the yolk. If you’re not a fan of that, either skip it or let them know to make it well done.

Panko Breaded Pork Loin
Made To Order

I also ordered a side of Uzaku – barbecued eel served with cucumber salad.


The eel was soft and moist. It’s drizzled with a sweet and salty Kabayaki sauce.  I ate it skin and all.

Barbecued Eel

I had a satisfying lunch at Donburi. If you’re a fan of Japanese rice bowls or just looking for a tasty meal with good prices, it’s worth checking out. I’d definitely come back.

2438 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 629-1047

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