Dim Sum at Qin Dynasty

I haven’t had had dim sum in quite awhile. My aunt invited us to Qin Dynasty in Parsippany one Sunday morning for a little family get together. I was looking forward to the various plates of dumplings, noodles, and other goodies…and spending time with the family of course. When we arrived, the place was packed.

Dim Sum at Qin Dynasty

After waiting for a bit, we were seated and the carts came one after the other. Yes, yes, and yes! The carts came by our table one after the other. We were hungry and couldn’t refuse the first few offerings. The dumplings were good.

Shumai and Dumplings

A plate of crispy shrimp appeared soon after. My aunts really enjoyed them.

Crispy Shrimp

Snails? Okay. Clams? Yes!

Snails and Clams

I really liked the beef rice noodle rolls. They were nice and soft served with some soy sauce over it.

Beef Rice Noodle Rolls (Cheung Fung)

We waited awhile for the fried squid. They kept telling us it would be out soon. A couple plates finally arrived at our table. They were okay, not as tender as other places.

Fried Squid

The XO rice noodles were my favorite. I never had anything quite like it. Rolled up pieces of rice noodles were served with bits of garlic and egg. They were really tasty.

XO Sauce Rice Noodles

The pork buns were alright. They were pretty dense and the bread was thin and flaky. I prefer the slightly thicker baked buns.

Pork Buns

We had to try something a bit more exotic. They offered us duck blood curd and we gladly accepted. It was actually very mild and didn’t taste like much of anything.  It was just fun to try.

Duck Blood Curd

The sesame balls were soft and sweet.

Red Bean Paste  Sesame Balls (Jian Dui)

The bean curd in syrup was pretty good. It’s served in a light syrup that adds some sweetness.

Bean Curd in Syrup (Douhua)

We asked for donuts and the waiter was not sure what we were taking about. Oh, the fried buns? Yes! We had to wait a bit while they made more. They were freshly fried and served hot. The waitress poured sweet condensed milk over them. Yum! I wish we ordered more.

Fried Buns with Condensed Milk

It was a nice dim sum lunch with the family. We enjoyed the majority of the dishes. While a couple items were just okay, there were a couple items that I would definitely go back for.

Qin Dynasty
857 Route 46 East
Parsippany, NJ 07054
(973) 394-9888

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