Sun Wah BBQ

I had a great time bar hopping last night, but I may have slept in a bit today. Okay, I didn’t even leave my hotel until 3pm, but that’s okay. I skipped brunch and wanted a reasonably priced lunch. I was in the mood for rice. Chinatown! I decided to take the short Uber ride…

Dim Sum at Qin Dynasty

I haven’t had had dim sum in quite awhile. My aunt invited us to Qin Dynasty in Parsippany one Sunday morning for a little family get together. I was looking forward to the various plates of dumplings, noodles, and other goodies…and spending time with the family of course. When we arrived, the place was packed….

Hop Kee New Year’s Dinner

It was time for a New Year’s Day dinner with my parents to one of our favorite restaurants, Hop Kee! We’ve been here several times, but it’s been awhile! We headed down the stairs to see a small crowd of people anxiously waiting for a table. They weren’t able to give us an estimated waiting…

Dim Sum Dynasty

Dim Sum Dynasty 75 Franklin Ave Ridgewood, NJ 07450 (201) 652-0686 Website

Hop Kee: A Family Favorite

My family’s always enjoyed eating at Hop Kee for as long as I can remember. The casual basement location serves up great Cantonese food. It comes out hot and fast! We order our usual dishes and cannot leave without favorites like the Peking pork chops and pan fried flounder. Year after year, this place is…