Au Cheval

If you’re scoping out the burger options in Chicago, you’ve probably heard of Au Cheval. This upscale diner houses an open kitchen that serves tasty hearty dishes that include foie gras and bone marrow, but they’re best known for their cheeseburger.

Dinner at Au Cheval

I decided to head there Sunday night around 10pm. I’ve heard of 2-hour waiting times, but luckily I only had a 20 minute wait. The bar at the beginning of the counter is first come, first serve. There are only around 5 seats, so any counter seat past that, you’ll have to wait to be seated.

Dining Area

The wait wasn’t bad and I was shown to my seat at the counter right past the beer taps. There was really no need to go over the menu. I want that burger!


I watched the cooks work their magic in the open kitchen. It was cool to watch, but fairly warm to be near. They had the burger assembly process down! Cranking out several burgers at a time with each ingredient precisely timed, from the toasting of the bun to the toppings at the end.

Open Kitchen

The appetizers looked great. It was so tempting to try the bone marrow, but I had to hold back. Not tonight.

Bone Marrow

The drink menu included several international and domestic craft beers, and a few wine options. They also offer root beer on tap. I went with Solemn Oath’s Punk Rock for Rich Kids, a Belgian pale ale.

Solemn Oath

I ordered the single cheeseburger and a side of fries. The single cheeseburger actually has two beef patties and the double cheeseburger has three. You’ve been warned. I had to add the thick cut bacon, but I skipped that perfectly fried egg. I love eggs, but I just wasn’t in the mood to have it on my burger this particular time. Weird.

All About the Burgers

After watching all those burgers being made, I was more than ready for mine. It didn’t take very long for my food to appear in front of me. It looked pretty amazing.

The Single Cheeseburger

On top of the mound of two beef patties and melted cheddar cheese was beautiful thick cut bacon, thinly sliced housemade pickles, diced shallots, and a generous spread of a mayo-based sauce.

No Egg (Sorry)
Extra Thick Bacon

Before digging into the burger, I had to try the fries. The fries were great! They were hot and crispy, and super yummy dipped in the garlic aioli.

Fries with Garlic Aioli
Great Fries

Back to the burger. I cut it in half and really saw how juicy the beef was. I took a bite and this burger did not disappoint! The flavorful burger was cooked perfectly. I got the saltiness of the bacon and the onion flavor of the shallots. The thick cut bacon and creamy sauce made it so rich.

Two Beef Patties

I enjoyed my dinner at Au Cheval. The music is loud, but I liked the dark and cozy ambiance. The burger and fries were delicious. I wouldn’t wait two hours for it, but it’s definitely worth a try if it’s not super busy. They had a nice beer selection too.


Au Cheval
800 W Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 929-4580

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