Sun Wah BBQ

I had a great time bar hopping last night, but I may have slept in a bit today. Okay, I didn’t even leave my hotel until 3pm, but that’s okay. I skipped brunch and wanted a reasonably priced lunch. I was in the mood for rice. Chinatown! I decided to take the short Uber ride over to Sun Wah BBQ. This long-running casual Chinese restaurant serves Hong-Kong-style BBQ dishes, along with some beer and cocktails.

Lunch at Sun Wah BBQ
Hong Kong-Style BBQ
Roast Pig

The large dining room is super simple and very casual.

Dining Room

A quick look over the menu and I decided I wanted a BBQ combination plate and some noodles.


I asked if they had ginger ale and was told that they have something similar. It’s a spicy ginger craft soda. It’s not as sweet and it delivered a nice fizzy kick with every sip I took. I enjoyed it.

Spicy Ginger Soda

The menu is fairly extensive, but I came for the meat! I went with the BBQ combo of duck and roast pork over rice.

Barbecue Over Rice

The duck was fairly juicy and tender. The pork was a bit dry, but the skin was very crispy.

Roast Pork and Duck

The beef chow fun was okay. The noodles were not evenly seasoned so you get a few white bland pieces stuck together. I hate that. The beef was very tender though. It seemed to be a more premium type of beef than what I usually see in noodle dishes.

Beef Chow Fun

Overall, the food was okay. It would have been spot on if the pork was juicier, but it was a satisfying hangover meal. The other dishes looked good. It’s definitely a spot to come with a few people and order away or try the peking duck dinner with advanced reservations.


Sun Wah BBQ
5039 N Broadway Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 769-1254

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