Broken Shaker (Chicago)

It was my last night in Chicago. Sad face. After dinner, it was only fitting to check out a couple more bars. Only a block away from my hotel was the Freehand Hotel where you’ll find the Broken Shaker. This hip bar serves creative craft cocktails and a diverse street food-inspired menu.

Drinks at the Broken Shaker
Bar Area



My first cocktail was Shoots and Ladders made with snap pea infused beefeater gin, chinese bitter melon shrub, chareau aloe vera liqueur, and coconut la croix.

Shoots and Ladders





For my second cocktail, I ordered the Pussy Willow. It’s made with new amsterdam vodka shaken with rosemary clementine cordial and mandarine napoleon, topped with club soda.

Pussy Willow

Broken Shaker
Freehand Chicago
19 E Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 940-3699

Author: Desiree

Desired Tastes is a Food and Travel Blog written by Desiree, a food enthusiast from New Jersey who just wants to see the world and eat good food.

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