Three Dots and a Dash

I was in the mood for some tiki drinks (okay, not really), but I really wanted to check out Three Dots and a Dash. I heard so much about it. I headed over there after leaving the Freehand and I honestly couldn’t find it. Maybe a passed it. Maybe not. I finally spotted a wide alleyway lined with blue lights next to Firecakes Donuts on W Hubbard Street. It actually turned out to be the block behind my hotel.

Shady Alley

Look for the doorman standing near the entrance, or the long line of people if it’s busy. Thankfully it was Monday night and there was no line at all.


My ID was checked and I headed downstairs. The dimly lit skulls were watching my every step.


There were a couple people standing by the hostess stand. It was still pretty dark. I asked if there was a wait for the bar. Nope. They were waiting for a table and I was free to find an open seat at the bar. I walked into the room and the retro Polynesian setting appeared!


I grabbed a seat at the center of the bar. Now I’m ready for a tiki drink!


Browsing the menu, their tiki creations are featured on the first few pages. The menu is complete with full-colored pictures of each drink. You have the classics and modern ones as well. The next few pages included their sharable cocktails, small plates, souvenirs, and rum index.


I went with the very first cocktail listed. Plus, the mug was really cool. The Painkiller is made with Virgin Island rum, tangerine, pineapple, coconut, and nutmeg.


Whew! It was strong. Good, but definitely packed a punch. Painkiller, I get it. I made sure not to drink this too fast. They don’t mess around here!


Their island-inspired food menu looked pretty good. I tried the Thai Fried Chicken. The chicken was covered in a sweet and spicy sauce. It reminded me a General Tso’s chicken, but with a little kick.

Thai Fried Chicken

The bartenders were very nice and checked on me every now and then. I was able to talk to them while enjoying my drinks. I’m sure it’s much more hectic on a busy night, so I’m glad I decided to come here on a Monday night.


I was already buzzed from the first drink, but I had to try one more. At each end of the bar I noticed a bowl of foam being scooped onto a drink. I asked the bartender about it and was told that it was a sea salt foam for the Surf Report. That drink was made with gin, cucumber, anisette, and extreme mint. Sold!

Surf Report

It was light and refreshing. Not nearly as strong as the first cocktail. The sea salt foam was a nice touch too. I would sip this drink through last call.

Salt Foam

The place was clearing out and it was almost closing time. I really enjoyed my tiki drinks and the bartenders were great. I even gave in and purchased that awesome skull totem mug used for my first drink. Three Dots and a Dash is worth a try. Go on a week night to avoid the crowd. I made my way out the alleyway and back to my hotel. My last night in Chicago was coming to an end. Goodnight.

Three Dots and a Dash
435 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 610-4220

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