Beach Haus Brewery

I was plenty full from the seafood festival. The rain was still holding off and I decided to walk a few blocks to Main Street to check out the Beach Haus Brewery. I was pretty excited to check out this local brewery that opened in the Spring of 2015. It was co-founded out of a garage in Brick Township by two high school buddies back in 2007.

Beer Break at Beach Haus Brewery

I entered the store and my ID was checked by the girl behind the counter. She gave me a small print out of the brewing process and told me the tasting room was through the blue door and up a couple flights of stairs.

The Brewing Process

Upstairs you’ll find the bar, a few picnic tables, and an outdoor balcony with a couple high tables.


There was a colorful chalkboard on the wall behind the bar that listed the day’s offerings. My first choice, the Cruiser IPA, was already sold out, so I went with the Machine Session IPA. You know how I like my IPAs! The Session IPA was refreshing and had a nice citrus flavor to it. It was not as hoppy as other IPAs.

Session IPA

After going over the menu, there were still a few others I wanted to try. They do not serve food here besides of few bowls of pretzels scattered around the bar. Just letting you know since several people asked the bartenders if they served food. So be sure to grab a bite beforehand if you’re hungry.


If you want to sample of few of their beers, they offer a beer flight of 4 beers for $8.50. Just let them know which ones you want and they’ll write down the initials on the chalkboard strip. I tried the Herb’s Rye Wheat Beer, Beach Haus American Pilsner, Hopbahn Double IPA, and the Toast Black IPA. I really liked their pilsner. The last two were stronger and heavier, but very good.

Beer Flight

I had a nice time hanging out a Beach Haus and enjoyed every beer I tried. I’ll be back the next time I’m in the area.

What’s your favorite Beach Haus beer?

Beach Haus Brewery
801 Main Street
Belmar, NJ 07719
(732) 202-7782

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