Jack’s Lobster Shack

The weather was finally getting hot and sunny. Summer hasn’t officially started, but it sure felt like it! This Memorial Day weekend, I was staying local, but still craved some of that great summer food. I was in the mood for some seafood, lobster to be exact. Being miles and miles away from Maine didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy a solid lobster dinner. Jack’s Lobster Shack in Edgewater can help satisfy those lobster cravings.

Lunch at Jack’s Lobster Shack

The owner, Jack T., grew up catching lobsters on the Long Island sound with his brother. He loved lobsters so much that he would travel up to Maine once the waters became warmer to continue his enjoyment of lobsters and seafood. He fell in love with Maine and eventually opened up a Maine style seafood shack in Edgewater where he currently resides.


With its opening about a year ago, I only learned about this place while looking for a local seafood place.


You can make reservations online or get there for an early dinner to avoid a wait. I arrived around 5:30pm and only a couple tables were occupied, but not for long.

Dining Area

I liked the place as soon as I walked in. Bright and casual with some live lobsters hanging out near the entrance. There was a large chalkboard menu above the counter.

Lobster Tank


I was seated at a small table and took a moment to look over the menu. Make sure to check out their specials as well. Oh, this place is BYOB too.


They offer a variety of organic Maine Root sodas and Joe Tea. A mix of Maine and Jersey, I like it. The soda was tempting, but I just settled for some water. So boring, I know.

Maine Root Sodas

I already knew I wanted lobster. I could not resist trying their crab cakes though. I ordered the crab cake appetizer, priced at $11 each.

Crab Cake

The crab cake was a decent size. It’s topped with a bit of coleslaw and aioli. It had a good amount of crab throughout and had great flavor. Sure, there’s some filler, but just enough to hold it all together before getting deep fried. There weren’t any chunks of celery and bell peppers and all that other nonsense.


There were a few lobster items on the menu – lobster salad, lobster fritters, lobster rolls, lobster bisque, and a whole lobster dinner.

Lobster Roll with Chips

I went with the lobster roll. They offer two types – Maine style served cold with a bit of mayo, and Connecticut style served warm with butter and lemon. Ugh, I wanted to try both. I ended up going with the Connecticut style lobster roll. I couldn’t pass up the warm butter. They go for $18.50 and come with homemade coleslaw, chips, and a pickle.

Connecticut Style

My lobster roll was served soon after finishing the crab cake. They don’t skimp on the lobster! The nice knuckle chunks and a few whole claws were served in a grilled top split bun. The lobster meat was tender and super fresh. It was fairly mild in flavor and could have used just a little bit of salt. It was still very good.

Lemon and Butter

I’m glad I stopped by Jack’s Lobster Shack. It’s nice to see a Maine style seafood joint in Jersey. Service was good and I liked the fun casual atmosphere. By the time I left, the place was packed. There were other items that looked really tasty that I’ll have to try next time. Thanks, Jack!


Jack’s Lobster Shack
1040 River Road
Edgewater, NJ 07020
(201) 224-2808

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