Welcome to Seoul!

A late-night flight out of JFK and 14 hours later, I arrived in Seoul! I am so happy I decided to check it out for a few days before heading to Thailand.

In-Flight Bibimbap
Chili Paste
Welcome to Korea!
Arrival Meal
Traditional-Style Noodles


I took the super convenient and easy Airport Railroad Express (AREX) to the city. It comes by approximately every 10 minutes. It took about an hour to reach the Hongik University stop in Hongdae. Be sure to take the “all-stop” train if you want to stop at one of the 12 stations between Incheon and Seoul Station. The express train skips all the stations and goes straight to Seoul Station.

Airport Railroad Express (AREX)
All-Stops Train
Hongik University

Hongdae is considered a young and hip neighborhood. It’s known for its indie music culture and urban arts. You’ll find lots of bars, clubs, cafes, and fashion stores here. I booked a guest room located in a high rise near the train station and close to all the action.


My room may have been a bit too close to the action since I could easily hear all the noise from outside. I got use to it though. The room was a nice size with a large (firm) bed, kitchenette, and private bathroom with separate shower.

My Roommate
My View

Incheon Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

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