Dosa House

The Dosa and Biryani House is a small no-frills restaurant that specializes in traditional dosas and biryani plates. It’s located in a tiny strip mall. The decor and ambiance is nothing to rave about, but the food was pretty tasty.

Dinner at the Dosa House

I went there one night for dinner with my sister who is vegan. They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. There are actually two different menus – one for the Dosa House and one for the Biryani House. We ordered a masala dosa of course. It was very thin and crispy and served with a slightly spicy sauce and yogurt sauce.

Masala Dosa

We also ordered the uttapam which was similar to panacake. The various bits of veggies are cooked right into the batter. It was thicker and much more dense than the dosa. It was a bit too dense for me, too heavy. I would have preferred to tried another type of dosa.


We also tried another type of veggie pancake, this was not as thick and dense as the uttapam.

Veggie Pancake

I was already missing the meat. I ordered the butter chicken which is described as clay oven cooked dark meat simmered in a tomato and onion sauce. It was very good. It was served with a side of naan and onions. I used every bit of the naan to enjoy the flavorful sauce. I also ordered a mango lassi to drink. It was a refreshing contrast to all the spices.

Butter Chicken

Overall, my sister and I enjoyed our dinner. The food was good and I would like to try other dishes whenever I’m in the mood for Indian food and something a little different than the usual options.

Food and Mango Lassi

Dosa House (Biryani House)
350 Market Street
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663
(201) 845-0001

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