Lunch at Central BBQ

After seeing the National Civil Rights Museum, I walked over to Central BBQ nearby for a brief lunch before heading back to my hotel. I heard it was one of the best spots for Memphis-style barbecue.

BBQ Lunch

You place your order, take your number, and seat yourself. I sat at the bar.

Bar Area

They have some local beers on tap. I went with one from Green River Brewing.

Green River Brewing

I ordered a Half Slab of Ribs which you can get wet, dry, or half and half. I went with the dry rubbed version. I also had to try some of their Pulled Pork.

Ribs and Pulled Pork

The ribs were fantastic and were probably my favorite out of all the ones I tried during my Tennessee trip. They’re rubbed with a special “rib rub”, marinated overnight, and slow smoked to yummy perfection.

Half Slab

They were so tender and the meat truly fell off the bone.

Fall Off The Bone

It came with a side of BBQ Beans and Mac N’ Cheese.

BBQ Beans and Mac N’ Cheese

Another hit was the Pulled Pork. The pork shoulders are dry rubbed with their own Hot Rub, marinated, and slow smoked for over 14 hours. The meat was moist and pulled with bits of the crispy smoked bark mixed in. Good stuff!

Pulled Pork

It was a great barbecue lunch at Central BBQ’s downtown location. The rain had stopped and it was a short walk back to the hotel. I still had plenty of time to check out another museum and I also reserved a spot on the Gibson Guitar Factory Tour.


Central BBQ
147 E Butler Ave
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 672-7760

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