Last Call: Ernestine & Hazel’s

After some oysters and pizza, I wandered around Beale Street one last time.

Guitar Sculpture
Guitar Sculpture
Beale Street
Booze and Ribs

People watching could not be avoided here. Seeing a a young woman convince herself that a 3-foot tall frozen alcoholic concoction all to herself on a worknight was pretty funny. Cheers to you!

Massive Frozen Drink
Massive Frozen Drink

Beale Street was fun the first couple times, but it was my final night in Memphis and I was over it. I wanted to go somewhere different. Somewhere the locals hang out. I made my way to Ernestine & Hazel’s located downtown on South Main Street.

Ernestine & Hazel’s

The low-key bar and grill has a very interesting history. Besides being named one of the best dive bars in the country, it’s also deemed one of the most haunted places in America. The building is from the late 1800’s. It was everything from a church to a dry goods store to a pharmacy to a jazz cafe and even a brothel.

America's Greatest Burger Dive Bar
America’s Greatest Burger Dive Bar

You won’t find wine or cocktails here, only beer…and Fireball. A bottle of Miller Lite did just fine.

Beer and Fireball

The jukebox sits near the entrance and it’s supposedly haunted. There are stories about random songs being selected by ghosts.

The Haunted Jukebox
The Haunted Jukebox

While sipping on my beer, I could hear the sizzle of the grill and smell the onions and beef.

The Grill
The Grill

The food menu has two items – a Soul Burger or a Double Soul Burger. The nationally recognized burger has a bun, beef patty, grilled onions, American cheese, pickle, and “Soul Sauce”. They kept it simple and it works. It’s served in a red basket with a bag of Golden Flake Thin & Crispy potato chips. On weekends, they cook between 250-300 Soul Burgers.

Soul Burger
Soul Burger

I don’t know what it was about this place, but I would have stayed all night if I didn’t have to catch an early bus to Nashville in the morning. The super laidback vibe was welcoming, the cold beer and tasty Soul Burger was comforting, and the history was fascinating. I was a fan of Ernestine & Hazel’s…a huge fan.

Ernestine & Hazel's

Ernestine & Hazel’s
531 S Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 523-9754

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