Cheese Hedgehog Cafe


We couldn’t leave Akihabara without going to an animal cafe. We saw a poster for Cheese Hadgehog Cafe which was located on the second floor of a nearby building.

Hedgehog Cafe

We had half an hour to sip on some tea and coffee while holding adorable hedgehogs. They were so cute!

Hedgehog Cafe
Our Table
Hedgehog Cafe
I Named Him Sonic
Hedgehog Cafe
Wear Those Gloves



Hedgehog Cafe


Hedgehog Cafe
Too Cute

Hedgehog Cafe


Hedgehog Cafe

Hedgehog Cafe
Baby Owl

When we got into the elevator to leave, we noticed there was a Cat Cafe a few floors up. Let’s go!

Cheese Hedgehog Cafe
2F Tokyo Ogiso Building
4-4-3 Sotokanda Chiyoda
Tokyo, Japan 101-0021
+81 3-3527-1807

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