Akihabara Cat Cafe

Enjoying a couple drinks and holding cute hedgehogs was fun and we were about to take the elevator back down to street level when we noticed a Cat Cafe a couple floors up. My sister immediately suggested that we go, so we did.

Cat Cafe

We had the chance to hang out in a large room with several cats. The place was immaculately clean and the cats were very well groomed.

Cat Cafe
Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe



Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe



Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe


Cat Cafe



The cats were so cute, but it was time to head out before my allergies acted up. My sister could have stayed there all day long. I didn’t notice the name of the place, but it was located in the same building as the Hadgehog Cafe.


We also wanted to see Harajuku for a bit and took a quick stroll though Takeshita Street filled with cool fashion boutiques and yummy treats.

Santa Monica Crepes
Strawberries and Cream

It was time to head back to our Shinjuku hotel to grab a few things and get ready to spend the night in a capsule hotel!

Cat Cafe
Upper Level Tokyo Ogiso Building
4-4-3 Sotokanda Chiyoda
Tokyo, Japan 101-0021

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