Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

We had a nice afternoon in Akihabara geeking out and hanging out with cute animals. Afterwards, we quickly stopped by the hotel to pack a few things for our capsule hotel experience. We went to the sleek and modern Nine Hours capsule hotel in Shinjuku-North. The hotel chain has several locations around Japan.

Nine Hours Shinjuku-North

The concept is simple – there are three basic actions to a restful day: take a shower, sleep, and get yourself dressed. Nine Hours simply replaces those actions with the time spent: one hour + seven hours + one hour.


We took the elevator to the eighth floor where the reception desk was. We checked in and were given a bag with a bath towel, face towel, pajamas, and a toothbrush. We each had a card with the number of our locker unit and a QR code that you scan to open your locker. Neat!

Locker Room

We locked up our belongings and went across the street for something to eat. It was Torikizoku, a popular yakitori (skewered chicken) restaurant.

Quick Dinner

We split some fries and spicy cucumbers, and I ordered a beer and a couple different types of chicken skewers. The prices were cheap and the food was good.

The Premium Malt’s Beer
Chicken Thigh
French Fries
Chicken Meatballs

After some tasty yakitori, we went back to our lockers to change and get ready for bed.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

We smelled like cigarettes and grilled meat. Time to shower!

Towels, Pajamas, Slippers

The showers and toilets are located one floor above the locker room. The showers were very clean and had shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. There’s a small space to change as well. The vanity area is right outside with large mirrors, hair dryers, tissues, and cotton swabs.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap

After showering, we took the elevator back down a floor and entered the room with all the capsule units. It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Capsule Units

Every sleep pod is numbered and corresponds to the number of your locker unit.

Numbered Capsules

I took top pod 519 and my sister had the one right below me.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Capsule 519

I was surprised with how quiet it was. It was a week night so that may have helped. You could occasionally hear somebody walk by or a cough or sneeze here and there but nothing too bad.

Women Only Floor

The pods had a modern style and were pretty roomy. Each one has a pillow and comforter. There’s also a light dimmer, USB charger, and tiny shelf inside. Oh and a smoke detector…don’t even try it.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

The pods measure 43 inches wide by 86 inches deep by 43 inches tall. So there was some room to stretch and move, but it’s probably not recommended if you tend to get claustrophobic.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Sleep Pod

The pod was pretty comfortable. You can pull down the shade for some privacy. I could have used a bit more air circulation though, but it wasn’t bad.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Upper Units
My View

It was really cool to spend the night in a capsule hotel. I could not see myself spending more than a night or two in one, but it was a must-do while in Japan. It ‘s a great value and provides everything you need if you’re a young traveler or on a budget.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Shades Down
Nine Hours Capsule Hotel
Lounge View

What a cool experience. Only in Japan! It was time to make our way back to our hotel for a bit then head back out for lunch.

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

Nine Hours Shinjuku-North
1-4-15 Hyakunincho
3F-8F Nine Hours Shinjuku- North Building
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan 169-0073

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