Eel Unaju and Yuzu Cotton Candy


We made it back to Kyoto from Mount Koya and my sister had a couple more hours before she had to go to the airport. It was just enough time for lunch and a snack. I stopped by Gion Matusno, a restaurant that specializes in unagi (eel) dishes.

Gion Matsuno
Gion Matsuno
Eel Dishes

They use fresh eels directly sent from producers.

Gion Matsuno
Green Tea

One of their most popular dishes is unaju which is broiled eel over rice. There were various serving sizes. I went with the medium one. It was served in a nice lacquer box.

Gion Matsuno

The filets were sitting on some steamed white rice. The eel was tender and had a sweet savory glaze.

Gion Matsuno
Eel Over Rice

After my unagi lunch, my sister and I wanted to check out a cotton candy shop that offers unique flavors. Another cotton candy fix? Yep!


We ended up going to the small stand location of Jeremy & Jemimah.

Jeremy and Jemimah
Jeremy & Jemimah

They offered flavors like salted plum, roasted green tea, cherry blossom rice cake, and coffee. Interesting!

Unique Flavors

Jeremy and Jemimah

We decided to share the yuzu (Japanese citron) one. It was soooooo good! I had to wonder what type of sugar they use because the cotton candy was just so light and airy. It had a tasty citrus tang from the yuzu.

Yuzu Cotton Candy

Jeremy and Jemimah

Geisha Sighting

It was time for my sister to head to Kansai Airport and return to the Philippines. Until next time!


I was pretty tired from our unexpectedly long journey to and from Mount Koya, so I took it easy at the hotel until dinner later that night.

Gion Matsuno
Higashi 4 ken-me, Shijo Minamiza-dori
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
+81 75-561-2786

Jeremy & Jemimah
Japan, 〒605-0823 Kyōto-fu,
京都市東山区Higashiyama-ku, Shimobentenchō, 51-4
+81 90-7357-3825

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