Kyoto Dinners: Steak & Wine

My sister was already back home in the Philippines by now and it was my last couple nights in Kyoto. After recuperating a bit from our Koyasan trip, I went back out to find a place to have dinner.

Kyoto Steak Dinner


I walked down a couple alleyways lined with restaurants.



I finally decided that I could go for some wine and a steak. Well, Steak & Wine was the perfect place!

Kyoto Steak Dinner
Steak & Wine

The restaurant was narrow and tiny with a few tables along the wall and a long counter leading towards the back.

Kyoto Steak Dinner

Counter Seating

I grabbed a seat at the counter and went over the menu. The restaurant specializes in Kobe beef and Japanese wagyu ad offers various cuts of steak.


They’re also known for their very generous pours of wine. Cheers!

Kyoto Steak Dinner
Overflow Wine

Like many eateries in Japan, this place served otooshi which is a small appetizer given to you automatically for a small table charge or fee of a few dollars. Many tourists are known to complain about these, but I didn’t mind the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu Beef Prosciutto.

Kyoto Steak Dinner
Wagyu Beef Prosciutto

Kyoto Steak Dinner


It was tempting to get the popular Kobe beef, but I didn’t feel like spending too much. I went with a nice piece of Japanese Wagyu Omigyu which was still pretty tender and very tasty for a more reasonable price.

Kyoto Steak Dinner
Wagyu Omigyu Beef

Omi beef is known throughout Japan for its unique, marbled appearance and its incredible taste.


After dinner I just wanted to walk around the city for a bit before calling it a night. I was looking forward to Arashiyama the following day.

Kyoto Steak Dinner
Street Performers

Steak & Wine (Nikuya Ginjiro)
Japan, 〒604-8014 Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Kashiwayacho, 四条先斗町上

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