Lunch at Sushi Naritaya


I wandered around the zen gardens and bamboo forest of Arashiyama for hours, but before catching the train back I stopped by Sushi Naritaya for lunch. I spotted the sign pointing towards the back of a building. I’m always down for a sushi fix!

Sushi Naritaya
This Way

The small restaurant only had a few tables and there was a group of people waiting outside, but I was able to sit down right away.

Sushi Naritaya
Sushi Bar Naritaya

The sushi sets looked good and I went with the Sakura set which included 8 pieces of sushi for 2,000 yen, around $18.

Sushi Naritaya

The Sakura set included chutoro (medium fatty tuna), snapper, salmon, akami (lean tuna), ikura (salmon roe) and anago (sea eel).

Sakura Set
Sushi Naritaya
Salmon, Ikura, Eel
Sushi Naritaya

The sushi was really good. I knew I could order a couple more pieces.

Soy Sauce

I also ordered two pieces of uni (sea urchin). It was so sweet and delicious. Yummmm.

Sushi Naritaya
Sushi Naritaya
Sushi Fix

My sushi lunch was great and the service was even better. They let me pick out a sushi magnet to take home for posting a pic on Instagram. Thank you!

Uni Magnet

Arashiyama was so charming. I walked to the station to take the train back to central Kyoto where I ended up sitting across a local elderly man. I couldn’t speak Japanese and he spoke very little English, but we managed to have a nice chat until I arrived at my stop.


That night was my final night in Kyoto!

Sushi Naritaya
3-25 Saga Tenryuji Susukinobabacho, Ukyo-ku
West Park, Arashiyama Square, Kyoto 616-8385, Kyoto Prefecture
+81 90 8579 8383

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