Final Night in Kyoto: Okonomiyaki and Beer Bar Miyama 162

It was my final night Kyoto and I still had to try one of the region’s most popular dishes. I ended up going to Nishiki Warai located at the west end of the Nishiki Market.

Nishiki Warai
Okonomiyaki Restaurant

The restaurant’s specialty is okonomiyaki – a savory Japanese pancake made with flour, eggs, cabbage, a protein, and topped with a variety of condiments. I was seated at a table in a large room in the back. Every table is equipped with a griddle.

Tabletop Griddle
Nishiki Warai
Sauces and Spices

My drink of choice was a highball. I was really starting to like them!


The griddle was warming up and I placed my order. I went with the Pork Okonimiyaki.

Nishiki Warai

The savory pancake was made in the kitchen then brought to my table to finish cooking. You can top it with whatever sauces and spices you want. The word okonomi means “as you like” and yaki means “grill”.

Nishiki Warai
Pork Okonomiyaki

Cabbage is the main ingredient. The entire thing is covered with their original sauce and bonito flakes.

Nishiki Warai
Japanese Pancake

I added the sweet and savory okonomi sauce and another common topping, mayonnaise. Mayo? Yep. It’s Kewpie Mayo which is creamier and has a slightly sweeter and tangier taste than the Hellman’s stuff.

Nishiki Warai
Okonomi Sauce and Mayo

Dinner was good and filling. Time for a couple drinks! I noticed a set of stairs and a bright sign for Beer Bar Miyama 162 located in Pontocho Alley.

Beer Bar Miyama
Pontocho Alley

I really wanted to try some local brews, so I walked up the stairs to get a taste of the Japanese craft beer scene.


The bar was small and cozy. I managed to grab the last open seat. People that came in after me were politely turned away since they were at full capacity.

Beer Bar Miyama 162

The tap list had a few beers from other regions of Japan and a few from Kyoto Brewing Company.

Beer Bar Miyama
Tap Beer

I started off with a local IPA of course. It was smooth and fairly light.

Beer Bar Miyama
Kyoto Brewing Co.


I managed to meet a guy from France and a local from Kyoto. We enjoyed some friendly conversation with our drinks. Cheers!

Beer Bar Miyama


I also tried a Tea Saison from Coedo Brewery.

Beer Bar Miyama
Tea Saison

Beer Bar Miyama

I had a wonderful time at Beer Bar Miyama 162. The bartenders were friendly, the ambiance was lively, and the beer was great. I didn’t want to leave, but it was getting late and time to walk back to the hotel. I was heading to Osaka the next day! Goodnight, Kyoto!

Goodnight, Kyoto

Beer Bar Miyama 162
232-9 Nabeyacho, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto 604-8015, Kyoto Prefecture
+81 75-256-1626

Nishiki Warai
1F M’s Court Building, 597 Nishiuoya-cho
Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8142, Japan
+81 75-257-5966

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