Scallops and Kobe Beef at Kuromon Market

After my kushikatsu lunch, I walked over to Kuromon Ichiba Market. Also known as “Osaka’s Kitchen”, the market has been around for over 170 years, preserving the food and culture of Osaka. You’ll find all kinds of food vendors, supermarkets, and shops around the lively covered market.

I love wandering markets like these and trying a few things here and there. I stopped by a seafood stand for an incredible Grilled Scallop with soy sauce and butter. Yum!

Another day I stopped by the market to enjoy some melt-in-your-mouth Kobe Beef! The perfectly marbled beef was so tender. Amazing stuff!

The market can get quite crowded and may be considered pretty touristy, but it’s still worth checking out and trying some of the fresh and delicious offerings.

Kuromon Ichiba Market
2-4-1 Nippombashi
Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0073, Osaka Prefecture
+81 6-6631-0007

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