Fukuoka Grand Sumo Tournament

I am a huge sports fan and always try to enjoy a sporting event while traveling, whether it’s a baseball game at Wrigley, a hockey game in Montreal, or muay thai fights in Thailand, I love experiencing local events with fellow fans. I was lucky enough to be in Japan during the Fukuoka Grand Sumo Tournament. I reserved my tickets, caught a train to Fukuoka, and watched Japan’s national sport from my own “raku raku” box with Japanese-style seating. Nice!

The tournament had several matches which usually don’t last more than 10 seconds. Fukuoka is the smallest host city. It was a really cool experience and I highly recommend watching sumo wrestling while in Japan, whether you’re a sports fan or not. I ordered tickets through BuySumoTickets.com and they were delivered to my hotel.

After the tournament, I caught a bus back to the station and decided to head to Hiroshima a day earlier since it was on the way back to Osaka.

Grand Sumo Tournaments
Various Cities, Japan

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