Beach Day at La Libertad


We took a beautiful hike around the Volcano National Park the previous day, and for our last day in El Salvador we rented a private beach house in El Libertad. It was a clear sunny day and the house was located right on the black sand beach where all you could hear were the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Awesome!

The house had a nice pool and canopy that came in handy. We set up a few hammocks and it was time for some much-needed relaxation.

On the way to the beach house, we stopped by a small eatery where a woman came by our bus to take our food orders for later. She cooked some shrimp and fried up some whole fish and brought it all to the house for lunch. It was delicious!

The day at the beach was absolutely amazing. Good food with good company with gorgeous surroundings. The sun started to set and it was time to head back to our San Salvador hotel.

Later that night, a few of us walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. It seemed like everybody in San Salvador was out. It was our final night in El Salvador and we enjoyed some cocktails, ceviche, sushi, seafood, and yummy fig pies.

I was tempted to continue the night and stay out, but I was exhausted. I went back to the hotel to relax. We were all heading back home tomorrow.


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