Market Eatery and H Mart

Korean cuisine is always a solid option when dining out in the area, so it was nice to have a few more options once H Mart opened in Paramus back in April. Located inside the Asian supermarket is the Market Eatery Food Hall.

The few eateries located within the small food court offer a variety of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes. There’s also poke, sushi, and seafood.

The On Dubu stall in the corner offers a combo special that includes banchan (side dishes), rice, spicy soft tofu stew, and your choice of meat. We tried the LA Galbi and Pork Belly combos. It’s a tasty deal! The tofu stew is great and they’re pretty generous with the pork belly and beef short ribs. The banchan included potato salad, stir-fried fish cakes, and spicy shredded Korean daikon.

After a yummy lunch, it was time to browse H Mart. I love browsing international food stores! You may even get to try some free samples.

We’ve returned to Market Eatery for lunch a couple more times after that. Besides the tofu stew combos, we also tried the Sashimi which was excellent. It was a combo of salmon and white tuna.

The Garlic Chicken Wings from Sang’s Kitchen were ordered as well. They were crispy and tender. A medium order has 10 pieces and the large has 20.

I really enjoyed my LA Galbi + Soft Tofu Stew combo last time, so I had it again. I know I’ll be returning to the Market Eatery Food Hall many more times. It’s become a top contender for dining options. A couple newer stalls have opened recently.

Oh and there’s also a Tour Les Jours when you want a sweeter fix. The French-Asian bakery has pastries, cakes, breads and sandwiches made with ingredients from South Korea. They also serve coffee, tea, smoothies, and bubble tea.

Market Eatery
H Mart
60 State Route 17 North
Paramus, NJ 07652
(201) 708-2820

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