Cast Iron Pot Korean BBQ Buffet

When it comes to Korean cuisine, my family and I have our favorites like the spicy tofu stews (sundubu jjigae) and savory pancakes (pajeon). We also love Korean BBQ where you cook the meats right at your table, so I was happy to check out the all-you-can-eat barbecue menu at Cast Iron BBQ in Fairview. The AYCE dinner costs $25.95 and lunch is $16.95. Weekends are dinner only.

The place was pretty packed when we arrived on a Sarurday afternoon and there was a short wait. We were seated at a table in the back room which had a large bowl of salad and the cast iron plate garnished with some kimchi, bean sprouts, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and Korean pumpkin. You also get salt and dipping sauces like chili and soybean paste, sesame oil with pepper, and soy sauce with onions.

The dinner menu offers around 20 options along with as much beef soup, bean paste stew, and rice as you want. Unfortunately, you won’t find the beloved beef short ribs on the menu, but with other items like beef bulgogi, pork belly, top blade steak, curry chicken, and spicy pork rib, the price is still well worth it. The cast iron was getting hot and we started off with the Pork Belly and Top Blade Steak.

The pork belly and top blade steak were great. The staff assists with cooking and cutting all the meats. I wasn’t eating any carbs at the time, so this was a perfect high protein meal. The soup, salad, and veggies are the only sides I needed. You actually won’t find any other side dishes here, it’s all about the meat!

Our next order was the Marinated Chicken. They did a good job with serving sizes, but you can always ask for more if desired.

I appreciated eating in stages, so our grill was replaced with a new one when we ordered the thinly sliced Beef Brisket and Tender Hanging Steak. They were pretty good, but I’d stick to the pork belly and top blade steak next time. We were tempted to try the spicy small squid, but we were getting full. Keep in mind the small squid is actually baby octopus.

Our AYCE Korean BBQ meal was simple and satisfying. Again, you won’t find other side dishes or premium cuts of meat here, but it was a great value. And since I’m doing more high protein low carb meals, I’ll be back soon!

Cast Iron Pot

Cast Iron Pot
356 Bergen Blvd.
Fairview, NJ 07022
(201) 840-1870

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