Best Burgers: The Highroller Lobster Co.

It was my last day in Portland, Maine and I was so glad that I booked a later flight because I was enjoying the food scene that much! I made my way to The Highroller Lobster Co. for lunch. Established in 2015 as a food cart, the seafood joint serves lobster rolls and other lobster creations using fresh Maine lobster.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you place your order at the counter then find a seat. I just couldn’t decide at the moment and sat at the bright red bar where I was given a menu. They had a nice selection of local brews, but I saved the beer drinking for the brewery hopping I planned to do afterwards.

I had no doubts that their lobster roll was good, but I already had lobster rolls a couple days earlier and wanted to try something different. The grilled cheese sandwich and tacos sounded great too, but it was The Surf & Turf burger that caught my attention. I also ordered their Lime Mayo and Curried Ketchup to go with it.

The Surf & Turf is their burger made with a brisket blend and cheese topped with a full portion of fresh succulent Maine lobster on a soft buttery toasted bun. It’s described as “quite the experience” and oh man, it sure was!

The burger looked great. I took my first bite…wow! The flavorful beef patty, loads of melted cheese, and sweet tender lobster was absolutely amazing. The sauces were yummy as well.

The Surf & Turf has been added to my list of all-time favorite burgers. I devoured the entire thing. They even gave me a cool sticker for my accomplishment. You guys rock!

Lunch at The Highroller Lobster Co. was fantastic. The food was great and service was incredible. It’s yet another place I would love to return to when visiting Portland again. I still had plenty of time before heading to the airport and decided to check out more breweries!

The Highroller Lobster Company

The Highroller Lobster Co.
104 Exchange Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 536-1623

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