Lisbon Stopover: Time Out Market

My full day in Lisbon was incredible so far! I explored the city on a Vespa and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch. After hanging out at my Airbnb apartment for a bit, I headed back out and walked to the Time Out Market.

Yes the bustling food hall is touristy, but it’s a great way to try local dishes, learn the city’s food culture, and see chefs’ creations all under one roof.

My first stop was Sea Me, a modern seafood eatery serving dishes that feature high-quality fish and shellfish. It’s one of the few places in Portugal that pays homage to the country’s gastronomic links with Japan. That means sushi! I had the Sardine Nigiri using local fresh sardines and topped with Flor de Sal sea salt and togarashi, a Japanese seven-spice mix. I also tried the Codfish Nigiri topped with almonds, olive oil, and micro greens.

Walking around the market, I felt like I had to try a classic local dish at Olhó Bacalhau. Out of all the ways there are in Portugal to prepare codfish, the pastel de bacalhau (cod cake) is probably the most popular. The small stall offers classic versions and modern reinventions. I went with the classic Cod Cake prepared in traditional fashion and cured for at least nine months.

It was time for something sweet. I already enjoyed a pastel de nata earlier in the day at the most famous bakery in the city, but now I wanted to try it at Manteigaria. Many believe that they have the best pastéis de nata in town. Made with whole eggs, butter, plenty of sugar, and no preservatives, it really is a delicious treat. The pastry dough is always kneaded and folded by hand resulting in a crispy flaky case. I sprinkled both cinnamon and powdered sugar this time. Yummm!

Before leaving the market, I had to purchase some souvenirs to take home. There are particular items in certain cities that make the perfect souvenir. When you’re in Lisbon, it’s canned seafood. The famous Conserveira de Lisboa is Lisbon’s best-known tinned preserves shop and has been going for more than 80 years. I bought a couple tins and they were carefully wrapped and ready to be packed away for the rest of my Euro trip.

I was only in Lisbon for a day, but the Time Out Market provided an opportunity to taste some of the city’s best eats. I also walked away with the essential tinned seafood souvenir.

Time Out Market

It was time to take on a couple steep hills and walk back to the apartment. I was excited for my Michelin-starred dinner at one of Lisbon’s hottest restaurants later that night.

Time Out Market
Mercado da Ribeira
Avenida 24 de Julho
1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 213 951 274

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