Withlocals: Berlin Sights and Bites

After my savory sweet breakfast, it was time to explore Berlin and try more iconic foods. Using Withlocals once again, I contacted Tiago who came up with an itinerary to see some of Berlin’s neighborhoods and sights while enjoying local eats and beer. It all sounded good to me! He met me at my hotel and off we went. We began with major attractions like Checkpoint Charlie and The Remains of Berlin Wall.

Tiago was nice, outgoing, and possessed a great amount of information about the interesting city. We walked quite a bit, but also utilized the railway system.

He created a tour that let me see and taste the city. We tried several well-known foods including currywurst at Curry 36. The popular on-the-go snack consists of pork sausage slices seasoned with curry ketchup. It was really good.

We hit a couple detours while walking around. The Turkish president was in town and security was super tight. Police closed off several streets and bridges denying access to certain areas and attractions. Tiago was very apologetic for the inconvenience, but I didn’t mind.

I admired a couple off-the-beaten-path spots I never would have found on my own. We took a few moments to enjoy local craft beer and more tasty bites.

Tiago pointed out unique buildings and architecture. We then stopped for more food. Another popular street food, boulette, is like a Berlin-style hamburger that’s typically eaten with mustard.

Our next stop was Marheineke Markthalle, a place I briefly stopped by during my first night in Berlin. Time for another German specialty. The Leberkäse mit Semmel is a sandwich featuring a type of meatloaf made from finely ground corned beef, pork, bacon and onions with some sweet mustard. I actually really enjoyed it. It reminded me of a bologna sandwich.

It was time to try some wine and get one of the most iconic foods of the entire tour. We stopped by a bakery to pick up a pretzel before enjoying some wine at Tiago’s very own wine shop. I even checked out the small underground cellar. Very cool!

The sun was shining bright and it was the prefect opportunity to relax at a couple outdoor spots. I had a roggen schnittchen, a type of open-cafe sandwich on using rye bread. Then it was time for more beer at Brauhaus Südstern. Tiago really wanted me to try a tarte flambée – a savory tart topped with bacon and green onions. It was great beer food.

Did I mention that we walked a lot? I didn’t feel guilty about all the generous food tastings! I loved the pfannkuchen which is a German version of a doughnut with jam filling. Yum!

I was getting pretty full, but there was one last essential food stop. It was The King of Falafel for falafels wrapped in a large tortilla with veggies and white sauce. It was tasty, but I could only take a few bites and needed to save my appetite for dinner later.

We continued to wander around the city to see sights like The Fernsehturm and Memorial to May 10, 1933 Nazi Book Burning.

After several hours, it was time to head back to the hotel. Tiago probably could have taken me to many more places, but I had to get ready for my dinner reservation. You could really sense the passion he had for Berlin. It was an incredible jam-packed day. Thank you, Tiago!

Berlin Withlocals Tour

I relaxed at the hotel for a bit. Wow, we walked a lot! I couldn’t wait for my special dinner I had planned for later.

Berlin, Germany

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Hi Desiree, I stumble upon your post, and wonder what was that lovely cafe on your photo, with little pastries. I’m going to Berlin soon, and crazy about this french style little sweets treats. Would like to visit it. Lovely photos!


    1. Desiree says:

      Hi Anastasia! Thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t recall the name of that small cafe we stopped by. I will try to find out though! Other cafes/bakeries with little pastries I can suggest are Du Bonheur and Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien, both in Mitte. Hope you have a wonderful time in Berlin!


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