Original Beer Spa Prague

It was my first night in Prague and I just wanted to relax, so I booked an appointment at a very unique spa just a few minutes walk from the apartment.

The Original Beer Spa lets you have your own private room where you can soak in hot tubs full of beer, relax on a wheat straw bed, consume homemade beer bread, and drink unlimited amounts of beer! Yes, please! I arrived for my appointment, took a seat, and they served me welcome drink.

Time slots fill up, so it’s highly recommended that you make an appointment as soon as you can. I decided to book the room for a couple hours. I was shown to my suite where the handmade whirlpool royal oak tub was prepared with natural extracts used to brew beer – selected varieties of hops, brewer’s yeast and malt.

The suite was clean and cozy. The tub was filled and bubbling and equipped with its very own tap to enjoy as much light and dark Krušovice beer as you want. You’re also given a few glasses and a plate of homemade beer bread with butter. Love it!

I really enjoyed the relaxation time and beer overload!

Original Beer Spa

The high hop oil content and active enzymes in brewer’s yeast supposedly help open the pores of your skin, stimulate your metabolism, remove harmful substances from your body, and ease fatigue and stress. I also discovered that I really like beer bread.

After soaking in the tub for a bit, you can lay down on a genuine wheat straw bed next to the warm fireplace to help absorb all the ingredients and extracts from the beer bath.

Since I booked two hours, I had extra time to soak, lay down, and drink! It was so nice. You also have your own full bathroom.

Beer Spa Rybna

Two hours was the prefect amount of time. Afterwards, they suggest not showering for several hours to achieve optimal results. My skin was so soft and smooth. I’m not sure how true the benefits may be, but the Original Beer Spa was definitely a fun and unique experience worth trying.

Original Beer Spa Prague

Original Beer Spa
Rybná 650/3
Praha 1, 110 00
+420 212 812 301

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