Kitchen Ramen Bar


It was my first day in Prague and earlier I had some pasta and wine before relaxing at the beer spa. Now it was time for dinner before heading back to the apartment. I wandered the area to find a place to eat. I gotta say, it didn’t take me very long to fall in love with Czech Republic’s capital city.

While walking around, I noticed Kitchen Ramen Bar. I’m always down for Japanese food and it was prefect ramen weather, so I sat at one of the small tables near the bar.

With the rainy weather and after soaking in beer, I was pretty excited for a hot bowl of ramen. I began with their homemade lemonade.

I’m a sucker for chicken karaage and always seem to order it when I see it on a menu. The chicken is marinated in sake, soy sauce, and ginger before its breaded and fried.

Chicken Karaage

I decided to get the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen which is made with a pork stock and contains pork chashu, bamboo, leeks, kikurage (Wood Ear mushroom), nori, egg, black oil, and red ginger.

Kitchen Ramen Bar

The broth was alright and the noodles were decent. I wasn’t expecting amazing ramen in a touristy area of Prague, but it wasn’t bad.

My ramen dinner was just fine and I was full. I did enjoy the karaage and lemonade very much. It was time to walk back to the apartment and rest up for the following day. I couldn’t wait to tour the city!

Prague Nights

Kitchen Ramen Bar
28. října 9
Prague 1, Czech Republic
+420 724 704 444

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