AnonymouS Bar

After devouring one of the most incredible burgers, I walked around Prague’s Old Town Square for a bit. I stopped by the Sex Machines Museum which showcases various sex toys and devices. I thought it was interesting enough to pay the CZK250 admission fee.

It was time for a few drinks. I really wanted to check out AnonymouS Bar, located within a former stable house in historic Old Town, the unique bar boasts solid cocktails, a secret menu, and a theme inspired by Guy Fawkes and the movie V for Vendetta.

When I walked in, the tables and bar were full, but after a few minutes a seat at the bar opened up. Love when that happens! The bartender gave me a menu and I ordered one of their signature cocktails. They’ll also customize a drink for you.

A nice couple from Texas ended up sitting next to me. It was super cool to learn that she actually follows me on Instagram! And if you’re all about booze and food, her account is worth checking out! After finishing my first drink, I was given a small black light to check out the secret menu.

Of course I was gonna try a couple secret cocktails. Not only were they good, the presentation was fun.

The bar is fairly dim and I enjoyed the laidback vibe. The couple suggested checking out their other bar, Anonymous Shrink’s Office, for an even more unique experience but I didn’t get a chance to. Hopefully I can next time. One more drink, please!

I had a nice time at AnonymouS Bar. Cheers!

Anonymous Bar

Guy Fawkes

Afterwards, I wandered Old Town for a bit. The city is even nicer at night when everything is lit up.

Then it was back to the apartment to get some shut eye. I couldn’t wait for the food tour the next day.

AnonymouS Bar
Michalská 432/12
110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
+420 608 280 069

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