Fishman Lobster Clubhouse and Sushi Kaji


After a beer-filled late night, I was off to a later start for my second day in Toronto. It was Saturday and by the time I was fully functioning, I was more than ready for a hearty lunch. I decided to take an Uber to Scarborough to check out the Fishman Lobster Clubhouse. The cash-only restaurant is surrounded by lobster tanks and heaping portions of Chinese seafood. Table for one, please!

The restaurant has been on television and all over social media thanks to one particular eye-catching dish, the Lobster Mountain! You get to meet your lobster before it’s brought to the kitchen. Since I was dining solo, I asked for the smallest one they had. It still ended up being a little over 3.5lbs. Large parties can order upwards of 20lbs and after a couple gigantic lobsters and crabs, the bill can easily add up to a few thousand dollars.

It comes with the special daily soup which was Egg & Corn Soup. I also decided to try the Lobster Roe Fried Rice. Sitting by myself at a large round table with a whole lot of food in front of me – no shame!

Then the star of the meal came out – the Hong Kong-style lobster! It was beautiful! It was fried crisp, hot, and garnished with fried garlic and French fries.

My seafood feast for one was very enjoyable and the lobster was fresh, but I didn’t even come close to finishing it all. The order also came with a black sesame dessert at the end.

I’m glad I finally had the chance to dine at Fishman Lobster Clubhouse after seeing their massive seafood creation on television a while ago. I was seated right away and service was prompt. It can get fairly pricey, so plan accordingly. And remember, they only accept cash or Canadian debit.

After my lobster lunch, I was dropped of at the Hockey Hall of Fame to pick up my VIP Induction Sunday Package. Very exciting!

The package included admission to the Hockey Hall of Fame, a ticket to the Haggar Hockey Hall of Fame Legends Classic, a ticket to a special VIP Legends Event, a commemorative calendar, a Hockey Hall of Fame Legends magazine, and a really cool autographed limited edition lithograph. Awesome! I also picked up my ticket for the Induction Gala on Monday!

Later that night, I went to Sushi Kaji for dinner. I reserved a seat at the sushi bar and ordered sake. Out of the three options, I went with the Waza tasting menu for $160. The scallop and mackerel appetizers were incredible. The sashimi was divine.

It was a delicious start to the tasting menu. The nigiri started soon after some tuna tartare and uni. All the sushi was good, but the appetizers really stood out. Also, it would have been nice to have each piece served individually instead of a few at once. I hate to have sushi sitting for too long. A simple dessert of ice cream and fruit concluded the meal.

Dinner at Sushi Kaji was very good. I still think about the sashimi and those sauteed scallops with green sauce.

Sushi Kaji

Before heading inside my hotel, I walked over to D.W. Alexander for a couple cocktails. It was packed, loud, and the cocktails were alright.

It was time to call it a night. I couldn’t wait for the special induction events happening over the next couple days!

Hotel Hallway

Fishman Lobster Clubhouse
4020 Finch Ave E
Scarborough, ON M1S 3T6, Canada
+1 416-321-0250

Sushi Kaji
860 The Queensway
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1N7, Canada
+1 416-252-2166

D.W. Alexander
19 Church Street
Toronto, ON M5E 1M2, Canada
+1 416-364-8368

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