Kook Hwa Bakery Cafe

Located on Route 17 South, is the Korean-centric Kook Hwa Bakery Cafe. I’ve passed this place numerous times, but finally decided to check it out one day after lunch. Grab a tray and help yourself to an array of baked goods and pastries. The place was clean, quiet, and calm. It’s a nice spot to…

Beiler’s Bakery

Beiler’s Bakery Reading Terminal Market 51 N 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 (267)318-7480 Website

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

Stuffed from dinner and with leftovers dropped in the car, we headed over towards Little Italy for dessert. We looked into places to go and Ferrara Bakery & Cafe popped up. This bakery has been around since 1892 and offers over 200 Italian specialties. There was a decent amount of people inside. Stay to the…

Tous Les Jours

Tous les Jours 42-35 Main Street Flushing, NY 11355 (718) 358-0288 Website

Clam Chowder at Boudin Bakery

One of the things I had to try while in San Francisco was sourdough bread. I’m a huge fan of sourdough. It has a mildly sour taste because of the lactic acid produced by the lactic acid bacteria, lactobacillus. My sister mentioned Boudin Bakery. It seemed to be the place to get sourdough bread, as…