Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

Stuffed from dinner and with leftovers dropped in the car, we headed over towards Little Italy for dessert. We looked into places to go and Ferrara Bakery & Cafe popped up. This bakery has been around since 1892 and offers over 200 Italian specialties.

There was a decent amount of people inside. Stay to the right for a table or go to your left for take-out.

Waiting In Line

All their goodies are readily available and tempting you to purchase them as you wait in line. It’s isn’t very long until we reached the hostess and told to head upstairs. We waited a few more minutes upstairs before being seated.



I wasn’t sure what to get. Everything sounded good. I’m not a coffee drinker and opted for some hot chocolate to sip on. Topped with whipped cream of course.

Hot Chocolate

We tried the carrot cake. It was good. Nothing special, but good.

Carrot Cake

My parents enjoyed their Strawberry Short Cake. They also had a scoop of the Pistachio Ice Cream.

Strawberry Short Cake

I ordered the New York Cheesecake. Unfortunately, the waiter came back to tell us there wasn’t anymore anywhere in the building. Bummer! So I looked over the menu for a few more minutes and decided to order mini trio of desserts. I chose the NY Cheesecake Truffle, Eclair, and Napoleon. The truffle was my favorite and it turned out to be chocolate cheesecake.

Mini Trio

Ferrera is a nice Italian Bakery offering lots of classic desserts and specialty items. If you’re in Little Italy and craving something sweet, you won’t be disappointed by the options. Dine in or get something to go…or both.


Ferrara Bakery & Cafe
195 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-6150

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