Hop Kee New Year’s Dinner

It was time for a New Year’s Day dinner with my parents to one of our favorite restaurants, Hop Kee! We’ve been here several times, but it’s been awhile! We headed down the stairs to see a small crowd of people anxiously waiting for a table. They weren’t able to give us an estimated waiting time. No big deal. Only after around 5 minutes of standing outside, we were called. We were a bit surprised since there seemed to be many people before us, but they were most likely larger parties. No complaints!


We sat at a booth in the back room. We ordered our usual dishes with an addition of Sweet & Sour Chicken. As usual, we ordered too much food. They would have no problem moving us to a bigger table, but it was too busy tonight so we had our dishes come out in a couple rounds instead of all at once.

The room is loud and crowded, and the food comes out pretty fast. They don’t mess around here.

Beef Chow Fun
Salted Squid

My mom loves the snails. A toothpick and lots of sucking is required to get those little guys out. Too much work the rest of us.

Cantonese Style Snails

One of our favorite dishes is the Pan Fried Flounder with soy, ginger, and scallions. It goes quick!

Pan Fried Flounder


We also tried the Sweet and Pungent Kai Gow. It’s similar to sweet and sour chicken, but better.

Sweet and Pungent Kai Gow (Chicken)

The Pork Fried Rice came out and we actually mentioned we did not want it anymore since we ordered all the other dishes. Oh well. It was good and did not go to waste.

Pork Fried Rice

Another favorite dish is the Peking Style Pork Chops. I was already pretty full by the time these came out. I still managed to have a couple.

Peking Style Pork Chops

We had to order some type of vegetable I guess. We enjoyed the pea leaves we’ve had in the past, but they didn’t have it tonight. We ordered the steamed whole Chinese broccoli instead.

Chinese Broccoli

This place never disappoints and we’re always so full by the end of the night. No doubt it’s a heavy meal, but it’s just so good. We had the leftovers wrapped up, paid, and made our way though the crowds of people still waiting to be seated.

Hop Kee
21 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 964-8365

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